Yes, that means you too!

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There are WAY more than three rules of podcasting. This I know for sure.

But if you’re a new podcaster who’s just dropped their first few episodes in the past year or you’re about to start podcasting, these are probably the three most important things you should hear.

Rule #1. A podcast made for everyone will be enjoyed by no one

If you…

Serious question!

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Podcasting is a lot of work, and it’s mostly a thankless job — that you rarely get paid to do. But just because the road to making money off of your podcast is a little murky, does that mean those who set out to do so deserve to fail?


Because assuming they will simply doesn’t work

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Many podcasters choose to invite guests on their podcasts. It’s a great practice not only because you create valuable content, but also because there’s the potential to increase your audience.

But I hear a common complaint from podcasters when it comes to their guests: they didn’t share their podcast episode.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets sued

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When you create a podcast, the content, so long as you’ve created it yourself, is your own. That means you have the final say on everything from when it’s released to how an episode is laid out.

That is… until guests are thrown into the mix.

As soon as someone…

What it is, how it can support your podcast and how to do it cheap

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Rarely does a podcast episode run from start-to-finish without mention of buying their merchandise. If you’re a new podcaster, it makes you wonder should I have podcast merchandise?

Is it really worth it?

Making merchandise isn’t simply a one-time thing. …

The one time when “ask your mom” is a totally acceptable answer

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Reviews can be pretty impactful for a podcaster just starting out. Whether you need them just to remind you that someone’s listening (besides your mom) or they help someone new actually find your show.

But sometimes snagging reviews can be a bit of a challenge. Especially in the beginning. If…

Don’t just “set and forget” Yoast

Hello Taee keyword ranking breakdown

I am an SEO nerd.

It would be unfair to say that I’m an expert because my fascination with keywords and placement really doesn’t go beyond the on-page SEO. But when it comes to dolling up your blog with keywords (fashionably, of course) I am your (wo)man.

My blog isn’t…

The money will come, but you’ve got to be prepared

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Let’s be honest, monetizing your podcast is the dream. Even if you LOVE what you do and you’re just doing it for fun, making a little cash — even if it’s just enough to keep it afloat without having to spend money — is never a terrible thing.

But making…

Because not everyone is talented at just winging it

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I see a lot of new podcasters asking questions about things like writing and formatting a script, so I thought we’d take a few minutes to go over the types of scripts that podcasters use.

Unlike when you do a film or stage script, a podcast script will really only…

While what makes a “successful blog” varies, at the end of the day we all want people to read our stuff

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I’m a blogger at heart. While I bill clients for a lot of different things from marketing strategy to audio editing, blogging is one of my biggest passions. But running a blog can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’ve run a number of…

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